Africa InvestHer - The Podcast

What is an Africa InvestHer?

A woman who is focused on making impact, leaving legacy and generally wants to make every place she travels better not by imposing her cultural views but preserving the best of the culture where she is involved. Africa InvestHer's are women who believe that success is life fulfillment through purpose and creates generational wealth. If you are this woman you are apart of US. We are building a coalition of women lead and founded impact investment projects across Africa. We are going into different countries and cultures with the intention of impact to local economies with our direct investment and preservation of indigenous culture. We are not there to "change" the cutlural system to match our ideas. But with the mindset to learn from the cultural system to make sure it is preserved, autonomous and without unwanted disruption. If this is YOU, you are US! 

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Travel & Investment Africa Membership

Travel & Invest Africa(TIA) is a subsidiary of Nelson Legacy Enterprises International, LTD. TIA serves as a bespoke luxury, small group journey travel service and emerging market startup investment education membership. A guide for African startup investment, culture and tourism in Africa. You have the option to be a tourist, receive education about business in Africa, and choose to invest. TIA provides several options to travel; our Travel Africa Experience, the Travel & Invest Africa Takeover, Africa with Stephanie and the Africa InvestHer Luxury Travel experiences all focused  to educate and immerse travelers in investment opportunities, culture and tourism across Africa. 


Travel & Invest Africa Membership (TIAM) is an investor education platform supporting emerging startup markets across Africa. Primarily focused on West Africa, TIAM educates members on investment opportunities focused in agriculture, manufacturing, blockchain/crypto/web3 and real estate. TIAM is dedicated to exposing members to new startups creating innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. The TIAM membership is NOT an investment vehicle. TIAM provides access to information and educates members about startup investment opportunities in Africa.


TIA's vision is to support 2,500 businesses and business opportunities over the next ten years. This vision is more than possible with TIA's repeatable business model and the Africa InvestHer community.